no gifts, please!

October 15, 2009

Some of my readers (people I know in real life) have started asking us what sort of gifts we’d like to receive when the baby arrives (and/or beforehand). It’s very sweet of y’all to think of us, so to simplify things, I’m going to preempt any further questions by saying this:

Please don’t buy us anything!!!

And yes, I’m being totally serious. As irresistible as baby shopping can be (believe me, I have had to restrain myself a lot recently), we have just about everything we need. We’re having another girl, and we have soooooo many cute baby girl clothes in all sizes that to buy or receive more would just be ridiculous. The same goes for stuffed animals, baby blankets, teething toys, bibs and just about every other imaginable category of baby goodies.

But please, don’t fret. There IS something you can do for us. I won’t tell you what it is yet, but rest assured, I’ll be having a little virtual baby shower on my personal blog sometime soon. And when I do, you’ll have the opportunity to give us something we really, really want as a family of four to be!

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One Response to “no gifts, please!”

  1. nichole said

    you better tell us soon or a seven-piece layette is headed your way!

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